Are You Looking To Replace Your Blinds?

At Blue Eyed Blinds we not only clean and repair your blinds but we also offer a wide variety of new window treatments to custom suit your needs.

Why would you buy blinds from someone that cannot repair or clean your blinds? Now you have a company you can go to where you can purchase your new blinds as well as have them serviced by our professional technicians.

We offer only quality products, manufactured from the largest window covering manufacturing plants in the North America. Many companies and large Home Centers offer imported window treatments or ones at exceptional prices from manufactures that are cheap knock-offs. This can lead to problems and hardware that cannot be repaired. We offer only custom made blinds from the major manufacturers at our famous Factory Direct Prices. WOW!

We can offer:

Vertical Blinds

Pleated Shades

Honeycomb Shades

Cellular Shades

Mini Blinds

Micro Blinds

Wood Blinds

Wood Alternatives



Top Treatments

And more!

Plus, All our window coverings are GUARANTEED.




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Commercial accounts are typically done in the mornings or in the late afternoons Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Residential homes are scheduled in the afternoons Monday through Saturday.

**If you have a special request, just ask one of our representatives and we will try to accommodate you in the best manner possible.

Our saying always goes, “If your blinds are worth keeping, they are worth cleaning”.

Maintaining your blinds is key to longevity. The less you take care of your expensive treatments, the sooner you’ll have to replace them. Keep them clean, and they’ll keep you happy.

However, if you window treatments are past the point of no return or just looking for a new style we offer a wide variety of window coverings to custom suit your needs.

How do you clean my blinds?
Blue Eyed Blinds uses a mobile hydro-wash cleaning system, which removes dirt, dust, food, pollen, smoke and will degrease within minutes. We remove the blinds, and then we wash, rinse, wax, apply anti-static solution (to help the blinds stay cleaner longer), and then rehang them.

It only takes us 90 seconds to clean a blind and our cleaning system has been cleaning both residential & commercial since 1993.

We also use a patented dust repellent that reduces dust accumulation by 60 %, allowing your blinds to stay cleaner longer. Our cleaning system sanitizes your blinds with environmentally safe products.

WARNING! Beware of other cleaning methods such as ultrasonic cleaning. Some of our worthy competitors are using ultrasonic cleaning systems which may over time weaken your blinds and/or potentially damage them if the technician is not properly trained utilizing this cleaning method.

It is also not a recommended cleaning method by most blind manufacturers for most of their window treatments.

In fact many blind manufacturer warranties clearly state that ultrasonic cleaning may void the warranty of many of their products.

Our cleaning system utilizes a much gentler process to clean your investment. In addition, we treat your home or business with absolute care. Should damage or breakage occur while on the job, every effort is made to repair or if necessary, replace the item.